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Accident Report & Investigation Training Course

Root Cause Analysis for Accident Report and Investigation Training

The cost of accidents to business each year in human and financial terms is enormous. Determination of the root causes through effective reporting and investigation system is required to prevent recurrences of the accident and improve the management system. In addition, near misses (incidents) are opportunities for preventing accidents, and simple systems can be adopted to ensure that lessons can be learnt. A lot of information needs to be gathered quickly in a structured manner and shared with relevant personnel. Accident report and investigation data can help identify trends and further lead to a reduction of risk within the organisation.

  • understand the importance of reporting and investigating accidents and incidents
  • use the risk control approach to identify root causes
  • establish appropriate action plans to address deficiencies in the management system – highlight the type of data that should be collected during an investigation
  • recognise the costs associated with accidents
  • properly structure accident reports and investigations
  • plan resource requirements in advance for investigations
  • understand the role of risk assessments in preventing accidents
  • types of accidents
  • recording personal injury data
  • accident statistics
  • type of information that needs to be documented in a report
  • the need for investigations
  • planning an investigation
  • type of information that needs to be documented in an investigation
    risk assessments as a tool for preventing accidents and for determining root causes – identifying deficiencies in a risk management system
  • human factors in accident causation-lessons from the airline industry
  • challenges with data collection
  • managing an action tracking program
  • sharing learning from accidents
  • integration with emergency planning and response

Participants will have complete documentation for root cause analysis necessary for accident reporting and investigation that is compliant with OHSAS18001 and best practice. The participant will be able to record accidents and near misses, determine their root causes, conduct an investigation, prepare reports and manage actions arising from the investigation. Different investigation techniques will be discussed, ensuring that the root causes of the accident or near miss were identified and appropriate actions put in place to prevent recurrences. The link between accidents and risk assessments and emergency response will be demonstrated. Examples of reports that can be used for management will be discussed and demonstrated. Statistical techniques for determining accident frequency and severity will be explained so that all the data collected can be analysed in detail and trends identified.

The course duration is one day and will be delivered at a chosen location

The number of learners attending is limited from 10 to 20 persons. For larger groups, please arrange multiple group bookings with sheqnetwork

Instructor: Niall O’Connell

Niall has worked in Food and Beverage, Bulk Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Electrical and Electronic industry. Niall is an experienced Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Professional with 35 years experience in manufacturing of which the last 11 years were with Pepsi Cola as EHS and Manufacturing support Team Leader. His main strengths are in People Management, Health and Safety, Environment, Maintenance and Industrial Engineering. Niall is a Compressed Gases Safety expert.

Niall has strong attention to detail, problem solving skills. He is loyal, honest, committed and highly respected. His skill set not industry specific as supervisory management, health & safety and environmental can be applied across a wide industrial spectrum from production to facilities to engineering. Niall is a proven manager /team leader and team member, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.