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Can You See Any Difference Between These Two QR Codes? (It's Not Obvious...)

There is a Difference Between Them… One Of Those QR Codes Was Dynamically Generated.

Why Does That Matter?

Staying In Constant Contact With Your Customers Is Hard.

What Channel To Use?

Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter - There's a new one everyday!

Multi-Channel Communication Is Now Required

Customers are more and more distracted - you need to get creative to get attention.

Everything Is More Technical

We can barely keep up these days - having to contact IT just to put out a message is a nightmare!

Competition Is Fierce… And Growing

Your competition has access to every channel you do - how do you get out ahead of them?

Dynamic QR Codes Give You An Edge.

The Bottom Line - Your Competition Will NOT Be Using This Channel Properly. This Is Your Chance To Get Ahead.

Significantly Higher Conversion Rates Than Traditional E-Commerce.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia place.

SMS Has Always Been Limited – Until Now.

Before all you could do was send a text - now your customers can phone you, email you, find your social media channels, find out more about your business - all thanks to one innovative new technology.

Dynamic QR Code – by Net Meios.

Integrate All of Your Social Media Channels … Into One Channel.

Our Dynamic QR Code allows you to direct customers to any one of your social media channels, effortlessly.

Same QR Code – Dynamic Content.

The QR Code stays the same - but you can change the content behind it as often as you like - anytime you have a new offer, you blast it out, customers check the code and boom, the offer is right there in front of them.

Conversion Rate Comparison


Traditional E-commerce Methods Conversion Rate

The average conversion rate for e-commerce communication channels is around 4%. Not good enough.


Dynamic QR Code Conversion Rate

Dynamic QR Codes convert at a staggeringly high 30%+ on average. That means almost every 1 in 3 customers on your list that receives a Dynamic QR Code decides to buy. Game changer.

Let's Do This - Your Competition Won't Be Able To Keep Up.

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