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The SHEQ Work Permit System – one simple solution for all of your work permits. Easily manage and streamline all of your work permits from one simple dashboard – and build new permits in using our simple UI.

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Unlock the Power of Seamless Work Permit Management with Our SHEQ Work Permit Software


    "Implementing SHEQ Network's Work Permit module has transformed CERTA's work permit management. The system offers high configurability, simplifying permit approvals and reducing processing time while maintaining effectiveness. Real-time dashboards and mobile accessibility enhance visibility and efficiency, contributing to a significant shift towards a paperless approach. The system's flexibility, remote capabilities, and integration with the mai™ Contractor Portal ensure comprehensive coverage and compliance monitoring. Notably, the data-driven reporting, metrics, and customizable alerts make it audit-ready and highly recommended for organizations seeking a seamless transition."

    Martin Deegan.Operations HSE Manager, CERTA Ireland.

    Effortless Work Permit Creation

    Easily generate various work permits for tasks like hot work, confined space entry, and working at heights from any device, regardless of your location. Customize permits with essential details such as RAMS, risk assessments, isolations, gas tests, and more. Tailor approval workflows to suit your specific requirements and seamlessly incorporate post-work checks like fire watch. Our approach simplifies the work permit creation process, enhancing efficiency for your organization.

    Work permit system|ptw system

    Real-Time Visibility and Control

    Our electronic work permit software provides instant access to the status of all work permits, from draft through to in-progress, complete and closed. Stay informed and proactive through intuitive dashboards, timely reports, and customizable alerts. With a data-centric approach, our system is audit-ready from the start, ensuring efficient management and compliance.

    Electronic permit to work system 

    Enhanced Compliance and Safety

    The entire system can be operated from your mobile device – you don’t need to be stuck behind your desktop in order to approve and manage work permits – you can do it from your phone, on-site or anywhere else you have access to the internet. Integrate seamlessly with the mai™ Contractor Portal for real-time contractor information, ensuring permits are issued only to compliant contractors using a streamlined workflow for permit approval, acceptance, and completion.

    Permit to work procedure by sheqnetwork

    The Simplest, Most Streamlined Online Work Permit Solution.

    Work permit management software

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    Unlock the Power of Seamless Work Permit Management with Our SHEQ Work Permit Software