Online Contractor Induction Training

The online contractor induction module ensures hassle-free training for contractors and employees, promoting efficient on-site performance. Say goodbye to manual administrative tasks like booking training rooms and certificate generation. With knowledge checks, quizzes, and customized certificates, the system seamlessly integrates with the mai™ Contractor Portal, automating the certification process for a streamlined experience.

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Boost Your Bottom Line: Streamline Contractor Inductions & Slash Costs!

Unlock the Power of Online Contractor Induction – See the Savings with Our ROI Calculator!

Experience the transformative impact of our Online Contractor Induction System. Streamline the induction process, save valuable time, and cut costs effectively. Use our ROI Calculator to witness the tangible benefits for your business. Don't miss out on maximizing efficiency – start calculating your savings today!

One Low Flat Fee

We don’t believe in block licensing for contractor training – it’s too unpredictable! Your costs can ramp up massively out of nowhere – with our system you pay once, you’re covered for the year – no matter how many contractors you need to train.

Implementing the Online Contractor Induction Training System was a game-changer for our company. The streamlined process not only saved us valuable time but also enhanced the overall efficiency of our contractor onboarding. Highly recommended!

Train Anywhere

Even if a contractor arrives onsite without having completed the training – he can complete it on his mobile without holding everyone else up – saving you time and money.

Our team found the Online Contractor Induction Training System incredibly user-friendly. The customizable features allowed us to tailor the training experience to our specific needs, making it an indispensable tool for our operations.

Enjoy your Risk + Stress Free Experience

No danger of an incompetent contractor coming onsite, no stress in chasing contractors or trainers around, and most importantly no time wasted searching through excel sheets!

The ROI Calculator provided a clear snapshot of the cost savings achievable with the Online Contractor Induction Training System. It's not just a training tool; it's a strategic investment in efficiency and productivity.

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