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EHS professionals love our portal because the instant your contractors' or their employees' compliance info expires... BANG! Their workers cannot get on-site.

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Real-time compliance means... you will never have to chase your contractors for EHS paperwork again!

We offer two business models. Inhouse hosted by client or the more popular outsourced contractor management option!  The burden is passed onto your contractors. They have to upload their compliance info to the portal. Or… they don’t get on site OR they’re refused a work permit! 

1. No more chasing Auto notifications and alerts
  • Contractors are reminded 90, 60 and 30 days before an item of compliance information goes out of date.
  • No compliance = no entry, remember. And the system chases for you!
2. Easily spot issues ….in real-time. Your compliance information is displayed using a simple traffic light system
  • Green – you’re fine
  • Amber – close to expiry
  • Red – out of date
3. Five ways to spot and deal with issues
  • Your daily and weekly reports flag up issues. While alerts at 90, 60 and 30 days are pre-emptive chasing.
  • Spot expired or out of date items on your dashboard. And send an alert directly from the system if you do.
  • And don’t forget our back office support team chase on your behalf too.
4. Simplify contractor management
  • Our approach takes complex processes and breaks them down into simple components. You decide how many to fix. Starting with the Contractor Portal.
  • Then choose from work permits, induction training and/or visitor management module add-ons.
5. Always in the know… automatic reports
  • Automatic critical reports tell you what needs to be renewed or updated and for whom! You’re never left wondering OR assuming. Have your reports sent daily or weekly. Automatically.
  • Need something out of the ordinary? Log in and run a specific report. Just like that.
6. Backroom support staff
  • You always get a human. Our support staff are ready to help you with any queries.
  • We do all the chasing… you don’t lift a finger.
  • Onboarding your contractors and their employees is simplified too. We use our 123 step process.

"We used to waste a lot of time and energy chasing contractors for compliance information. The mai™ Contractor Portal changed all this..."

John MurphyEHS Manager, Leo Pharma

"The Portal Support Team are very responsive and deal with all the contractor onboarding in the background"

Anne IrwinSenior EHS Specialist, Johnson & Johnson

How does real-time compliance with the SHEQ Network Contractor Portal compare with typical contractor management software?

Some of the biggest companies in the world

...are certain that only 100% compliant workers can gain access to their sites...

You're getting something much more powerful

As far as you possibly can, you’ve ensured that everyone you’re responsible for is safe.

Safe from the kind of contractors that cut corners. The kind who don’t check their subcontractors quite as carefully as they should. With workers who turn up unprepared. Missing standard PPE… Or try to justify close quarter working  with very little consideration of COVID risk…

The kind with a poor safety culture, whose workers think “Safety… that’s the EHS manager’s job”.

Instead… you’ve invested in certainty. Certainty, that you’ve done your job. To the very best

Bringing your contractor management into the 21st century is easier and faster than you think!

No-risk zero-cost option

You can get started without risk. Contractors pay a small fee. You pay nothing to get started

Easy 123 step onboarding

We use a streamlined 3 step process to get your contractors onto the system. Fast. Minimal effort.

Backroom support staff

Real people answer your queries. Our team will do any chasing AND are on hand to help contractors who need it.

Use the Circles of Compliance framework to figure out what you need to fix first…

Contractor compliance solutions
With decades of SHEQ and contractor management experience our experts reduced the complexity to FIVE simple components. Do you know the answers to these five questions…

Contractor Company – do you know if you have ALL the compliance info you need from your contractor companies?

Contractor Employees – do you know if your contractors’ employees are employed directly or subcontracted? And are they competent? Fit for work?

Site Requirements – have you clearly defined and communicated your site requirements to all contractors? Have they completed site inductions before arriving?

Registration – does your registration process prevent non-compliant people getting onto your site?

Work Permits – the smallest circle yet the most powerful driver of compliance. When a worker arrives to pick up a permit…
no Green = no permit = no work!

How certain are you that only 100% compliant workers access your site?

Smarter contractor management software deserves a smarter demo...

You're in charge... personalise your own demo. Pick what you're interested in... then demo it instantly!

Choose from the portal, induction training, registration with Traction Guest or work permit modules.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to see what companies and which employees are compliant. AND you’ll love the efficiency the add-on modules will bring to your day to day workflow!

Your day will never be the same again!

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Choose from:

Contractor Portal

Competency & Training

Induction Training

Traction Guest

Work Permits

Real-time compliance gives you the effective contractor management you long for

  • Real-time compliance at a glance
  • Simple traffic light system
  • No more chasing
  • Automatic notifications & alert for contractors
  • SHEQ software from SHEQ pros
  • Only 100% compliant workers access your site
  • Five ways to spot and deal with issues
  • Get started risk-free, zero-cost
  • Simplified, effective contractor management
  • Backroom support staff
  • 123 step contractor onboarding done for you
  • Highly configurable
  • Automatic reports
  • Instant demo
  • No compliance = no entry

"The mai™ Contractor Portal has made contractor management a much easier process for Pernod Ricard. The portal has allowed us to get rid of our Excel sheets and saves a huge amount of time and effort spent endlessly chasing contractors. Having real time visibility of contractor details is something we have tried to achieve for a long time, and the dashboard reports provide this for us."

Kieran HillEHA Manager, Pernod Ricard

"We used to waste a lot of time and energy chasing contractors for compliance information. The mai™ Contractor Portal changed all this ...(contractors) cannot come on site unless our requirements are met, and each employee has completed the online induction. The daily reports have removed a big headache for us. real time, relevant and configurable information is critical and this is what makes the mai system work so well for us"

John MurphyEHS Manager, Leo Pharma