Managing Contractors is Difficult and Time-Consuming – So We Made It Easier.

Contractor Management Simplified

The Only Choice for Contractor Management
Heads-Up Dashboard

Our heads-up dashboard allows for real-time visibility of all of your contractor company’s details (insurance details, safety manual, and risk assessments, licenses etc and their employees (training records, induction training, background checks etc)

Simple Traffic Light System

Our system displays information using a simple traffic light system for speed and ease of use – Green for compliant, Yellow for Close to Expiry, Red for Out of Date – We’ve attempted to make the UI as user friendly as possible.

Zero Cost To You – Contractors Pay A Small Nominal Fee

We don’t believe that you should have to pay to manage your contractors –  with our pricing model your contractors pay a small fee based on the amount of business they do with you each year.

Kieran HillEHA Manager, Pernod Ricard

The mai™ Contractor Portal has made contractor management a much easier process for Pernod Ricard. The portal has allowed us to get rid of our Excel sheets and saves a huge amount of time and effort spent endlessly chasing contractors. Having real time visibility of contractor details is something we have tried to achieve for a long time, and the dashboard reports provide this for us.

John MurphyEHS Manager, Leo Pharma

We used to waste a lot of time and energy chasing contractors for compliance information. The mai™ Contractor Portal changed all this ...(contractors) cannot come on site unless our requirements are met, and each employee has completed the online induction. The daily reports have removed a big headache for us. real time, relevant and configurable information is critical and this is what makes the mai system work so well for us

Pete WallaceEHS Director

Simply the best contractor management tool on the market. There is no other option even worth considering. The Portal Support Team are very responsive and deal with all the contractor onboarding in the background.


The SHEQ Contractor Management Portal is our core product - each of our tools, such as the induction training system, and the work permit system, integrates with it seamlessly. We've attempted to make the process of managing contractors while maintaining a high standard of compliance and health and safety, completely effortless.

Simple UI + Dashboard

We've designed the portal to be as simple, quick and easy to use as possible, and we are constantly updating and refining it in the background to make the experience even smoother.

Streamlined Information Management

Our tool streamlines all of the information required to stay compliant, and makes it easy to maintain all of the information up to date through built-in smart reminder systems, and critical reporting to let you know when a renewal or update is needed.

Real-Time Compliance Info

Our system is a true SaaS, meaning it updates instantly as information is added to it - once everything has been moved onboard, you won't have to go looking through excel sheets for information, it will all be stored in a single location.

Full Team of Backroom Staff

We have a highly-trained backroom team of EHS professionals, who are on-hand to answer any calls or queries, to keep your system up and running, and to onboard your contractors onto the system - we'll chase them for you.

Automation Of Essential Features

We've built our system to allow you to 'outsource your thinking' as much as possible - our system will automatically send our expiry/renewal reminders, and chase the contractors for you - so you can focus on your work, safe in the knowledge that contractor management is being looked after.

Customisable, Automated Reporting

Our reporting system is completely customisable - you can receive reports on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly basis. These reports can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be, and they will be produced and sent to you automatically at the end of each pre-defined reporting period.

What You See – The Dashboard

  • Each row represents the status of a single contractor company – you can click on any of them to dig deeper and bring up their individual profiles.
  • The first contractor has an up to date Safety Statement and Miscellaneous – which is used for anything not covered in the numerous tags we include.
  • Their certificate status is empty, but they have no accidents or legal claims and have 7 employees on the system.
  • Their questionnaire is not yet completed, but most importantly, their insurance is out of date
  • Their Vendor Rating is currently verified.
Green: This indicates that the companies details are in date and verified.
Yellow: This is a warning, and indicates that the companies details are close to expiry.
Red: This is bad news – the companies details are out of date and must be renewed.
Vendor Rating: A company, once their details are uploaded, will be confirmed to be a verified vendor. You can easily which companies have not been verified yet successfully.

Circles Of Compliance

Our Contractor Portal is based on this framework – we use these 5 factors to determine an organisations level of compliance.

  • Contractor Company: Do you know if you have ALL the compliance info you need from your contractor companies?
  • Contractor Employees: Do you know if your contractors’ employees are employed directly or subcontracted? And are they competent? Fit for work?
  • Site Requirements: Have you clearly defined and communicated your site requirements to all contractors? Have they completed site inductions before arriving?
  • Registration: Does your registration process prevent non-compliant people getting onto your site?
  • Work Permits: The smallest circle yet the most powerful driver of compliance. When a worker arrives to pick up a permit…
    No Green = No Permit = No Work.

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Still not quite sure? Here are some of the immediate benefits (our system has an immediate ROI).

85% Decrease in Time Spent on Managing Contractors

On average, our clients see an 85% decrease in the amount of time spent on managing contractors when moving from the traditional paper and excel based methods, to a full, purpose built, SaaS system.

No More Chasing Contractors

Our admin team will get your contractors onboard, and our software will chase them to update and renew their details - all you have to do is check the dashboard when they arrive onsite.

Stress Free Audits

Because all of the information is stored in one central repository, we can easily export whatever data you need for an audit. No more tracking down details across multiple excel sheets - or even worse, paper forms in a filing cabinet.

The Cost To You? Nothing. Zero-risk.

You don’t pay a cent to use our system – your contractors will pay a small nominal fee, based on the amount of business they do with you each year.

We’ve outlined the pricing model below, but if you have any questions, please send a message to our team and they will answer any queries you may have.

1st Bracket



If The Contractor Does 0$ – 3000$ of Business With You Each Year.




If The Contractor Does 3000$ – 10000$ of Business With You Each Year.




If The Contractor Does 10000$+ of Business With You Each Year.

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