Environmental Management Consultancy

Permit Applications

Environmental Management Consultancy by SHEQ.ie Centre of Excellence provides comprehensive analyses and solutions for environmental management issues associated with new industrial and commercial developments.  Our  expertise includes permitting  support, monitoring, modeling, and special studies to evaluate and document unique environmental risks.  Specifically, we are engaged by EPC contractors to provide support in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments and Permit Application Packages for new developments.  We have successfully secured permits for construction and operations in Jubail Industrial City in compliance with the Royal Commission Environmental Regulation 2010.  In addition, we have successfully secured permits for developments outside of the Industrial Cities in compliance with the general environmental law of Saudi Arabia and the rules for implementation of that law.  We also assist with Integrate Pollution Prevention and Control licensing in the EU.

Environmental Monitoring

Centre of Excellence have monitoring capabilities for testing air pollution sources and to document ambient air quality in and around the areas of new industrial developments.  Specifically, we have assisted several major industrial companies in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Ireland in the development and implementation of predictive emissions monitoring systems (PEMS).  We conducted the source testing that is used to prepare numerical models based on routine operational measurements associated with the air pollution sources.

Environmental Management System

Centre of Excellence help organisations develop, implement and maintain environmental management systems in compliance with ISO14001-see the training section for more details about out environmental engineering and environmental management courses.   We also provide assistance in the evaluation and improvement of environmental management programs for large industrial and commercial operations.  These objectives of these projects are primarily to develop environmental risk registers, and associated mitigation measures that assist corporate entities in defining environmental management systems consistent with ISO 14000.