COVID-19 Forced Everyone To Work From Home - This Is How We Kept Them Safe.

Ergonomic Assessments Simplified

The Simplest Plug & Play Solution for Managing DSE/VDU Assessments for Your Staff Working From Home.
One Admin System Controls the Process.

Employee logs in to upload their details and book an assessment, then the ergonomist reviews and carries out the assessment. No back-and-forth emailing required.

Efficiency Above All Else.

We’ve streamlined the process as much as possible to allow for DSE assessments to be carried out at scale. Everything moves from A to B without any lag time.

Prepared for Post-COVID.

Working from home is part of reality now – if you have more employees come onboard, you can use the system to get them assessed for their home office, and send out all of the equipment needed. Preparedness ahead of time.

Step-by-step Overview

The entire process, from start to finish.


Employee Completes Their Requirements

They upload their details, complete the training, self assess using the Risk Assessment Matrix, and submit.

SHEQ Team Reviews Upload

Our admin team reviews the upload to make sure the details are correct and sufficient.

Employee Books In

Once our team has checked the upload and confirmed it's ok, the employee receives a link to book in with the ergonomist.

Ergonomist Review

The ergonomist reviews the employees submission and their setup, and adds his equipment recommendations to the form - which is then saved to the admin system.

Second Review If Needed

If there is a follow up review required after the employee has updated their home office equipment, they can simply book in again, and the original assessment form can be updated.

Repeat at Scale

This process can then be repeated on a company-wide level, with the ergonomist reviewing the 'high-risk' staff first. The process has been dialled in to be as efficient as possible.


The SHEQ DSE/VDU & Ergonomic Assessment Tool is simply the most efficient way to carry out home office ergonomic assessments at scale.

Simple UI

One admin site with two separate logins, and a modern, clean and visually attractive user interface means our tool is extremely easy to use.

DSE/VDU Training Built-In.

We can customise to your particular requirements if needed, but we also have our own training built-in to the system, ready to use immediately.

Risk Assessment Matrix

The employee gauges their own perceived level of pain/discomfort - allowing the ergonomist to easily prioritise their assessments and help the highest risk employees first.

Built-In DSE/VDU Training.

Here is a screenshot of part our DSE training from within the tool – some of it may seem simple, but it’s extremely important.

The employee uploads their details and completes the training at the same time – they can’t book an assessment until they have successfully done so.

Many of the employees we’ve worked with had no idea what an ‘ergonomic setup’ even meant – so we’ve covered all of the bases.

DSE Risk Assessment

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Still not quite sure? Here are some of the immediate benefits (our system has an immediate ROI).

Prepared for the Future

Remote working isn't going anywhere post-COVID. However your organisation may feel about it, it's best to be prepared for this eventuality, and our tool will absolutely help you to do so.

Easy to Scale

Our tool is designed to be used for every organisation, no matter how many staff you have working from home. We've made the process as quick and easy as possible.

Complete Confidence in Your Employees’ Safety At Home

You can rest easy knowing that you won't be seeing any employees develop chronic injuries from a poor ergonomic setup - one of the most dangerous 'silent killers' that no one considers!

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