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Haz Identification Risk Assessment & Risk Control Training Course

Haz Identification Risk Assessment & Risk Control Training

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

The failure to identify hazards, assess risk and control risk (risk assessment) will lead to unnecessary losses within an organisation. If a consistent approach to risk assessment is not employed then not only will exposure to risk remain high, but opportunities to reduce or eliminate risk will be missed. Also, it will not be possible to compare risk data across the organisation as no standards are being applied. The OHSAS18001 standard mandates that risk assessments are completed, but it does not tell you how to do these assessments. Our experience team will show you a simple, comprehensive and effective approach that has help several organisations achieve certification, and do so saving time and money.

  • Ability to comprehensively identify hazards in the workplace
    • To assess risk appropriate for different types of hazards
    • To apply the General Principles of Prevention for risk control
    • To operate an effective action tracking system for risk control
    • Effective reports for risk management within the organisation
    • How to demonstrate ‘continual improvement’ using the risk assessment
    • How to use risk assessment as a tool for Emergency Planning and Response
  • types and effects of hazards
  • risk assessment models
  • risk control measures
  • the need for multidisciplinary team based approaches
  • when are risk assessments required
  • preparation for the risk assessment
  • type of information that needs to be documented in a risk assessment
  • challenges with data collection
  • exercise-conducting a risk assessment in operations
  • how to manage an action tracking program
  • integration with emergency planning

The participant will have complete documentation for hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control that is compliant with OHSAS18001. The participant will be able to comprehensively identify workplace hazards and ensure that appropriate resources are allocated as part of the risk assessment process. Effective reports will be developed so that EHS risk management information can be shared with management colleagues, thereby assisting with the delegation of risk management within the organisation and enhance the profile of EHS risk management.

The course duration is one day and will be delivered at a chosen location

The number of learners attending is limited from a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 persons. For larger groups, please arrange multiple group bookings with Sheqnetwork

Instructor: Niall O’Connell


Niall has worked in Food and Beverage, Bulk Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Electrical and Electronic industry. Niall is an experienced Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Professional with 35 years experience in manufacturing of which the last 11 years were with Pepsi Cola as EHS and Manufacturing support Team Leader. His main strengths are in People Management, Health and Safety, Environment, Maintenance and Industrial Engineering. Niall is a Compressed Gases Safety expert.

Niall has strong attention to detail, problem solving skills. He is loyal, honest, committed and highly respected. His skill set not industry specific as supervisory management, health & safety and environmental can be applied across a wide industrial spectrum from production to facilities to engineering. Niall is a proven manager /team leader and team member, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.