Is home office working potentially dangerous?


What is the most dangerous room in the house?


What type of accidents actually happen at home?

Statistics show that you are many times more likely to go to hospital as a result of an injury at home (40-50%) than in the workplace (2-15%). If we can prevent accidents in the home and home office then it would have a huge positive effect of decreasing the strain on the emergency services. It also helps people stay working and avoid lost time accidents (over 50% of non-fatal injuries are due to manual handling as well as slips, trips and falls). If we can educate employees about health and safety both on and off the job then this can have a positive societal effect.

The ONLINE HOME OFFICE RISK ASSESSMENT course presents the learner with different topics that they review first (multimedia format):

-welcome message and overview of the course

– legal requirements for risk assessment and accident statistics

– introduction to health and safety hazards

– hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control

– individual risk assessment templates (11)  -downloadable or online

– useful training courses and reference sites

Users Self Register Online and complete the course and complete home office risk assessment using the risk assessment tool kit provided.


The course is designed to help, as far as reasonably practicable, the employee to learn about the different hazards in the home office, why they are important, the consequence if the hazard is not properly managed. The assessments suggest appropriate controls that help eliminate or reduce the risk, and can provide some useful tips as well. The employee can complete risk assessment and send these to their employer as required. It is useful for employees who understand that any hazard, inside or outside the work environmental, can cause harm.


The course covers the most common types of hazards that occur in the home. These include fire, manual handling, display screen equipment, slips trips & falls, chemicals, electricity, radiation, dangerous machinery & sharp objects, noise, biological agents and human factors.

Some risk assessment require a mandatory training module specifically for the hazard i.e., manual handling and display screen equipment (DSE). In addition, for DSE it is a requirement under Irish law that a qualified ergonomist visits the work station. SHEQ offer additional (online) training for both manual handling and DSE, but the actual assessment forms that need to be completed are included as part of this course. For manual handling SHEQ has a dedicated app that users can download to help complete the practical part of the manual handling assessment  in a real life situation at their place of work. We will issue certs of completion as required.

Other hazards that may arise in a traditional workplace like vibration, confined spaces, travel, psychosocial etc. are not covered as part of this course.


There are 11 individual risk assessments which the employee can complete in 2 different formats covering the following hazards:

  • Fires
  • Slips, trips & falls
  • Display Screen Assessments
  • Manual handling
  • Biological agents
  • Chemicals
  • Radiation
  • Noise
  • Dangerous machinery and sharp objects
  • Electricity
  • Human Factors

The first is an editable PDF which they complete and can then save ands end to their manager.

The second option is where employees can create an account and complete the risk assessments using our online risk asessment tool and then send the completed information to their manager.

The tool will educate your employees about the types of hazards that exist, the types of accidents that can occue and the actions they should consider as part of their own risk assessment in order to work safely.

The tool will educate your employees about the types of hazards that exist, the types of accidents that can occue and the actions they should consider as part of their own risk assessment in order to work safely.


The cost per employee is €20 excluding VA(COVID-19 discount, normal price is €79). Users can register directly or else they can use a code purchased on their behalf by their company. For more information contact

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