mai™ Incident Report and Investigation

Our mai™ Event Report and Investigation module is here to transform how your organization handles incidents and near misses. Say goodbye to scattered data and fragmented reporting. This cutting-edge tool offers a centralized and comprehensive approach to incident management, helping you prevent recurrences and promote a safer workplace. You won’t regret having a workhorse power tool to help you if required.

  1. Centralized Incident Management and Smart Data Entry: Imagine having all incident report, investigation details and corrective actions centralized in one secure location. That’s precisely what our module delivers. It streamlines the entire incident management process, from reporting to investigation, and even integrates seamlessly with our mai™ Insurance Claims module. Plus, our smart data entry feature saves time and reduces user frustration, making incident management a breeze.
  1. Customizable Reports and Instant Notifications: Tailor-made reporting is now at your fingertips. Our module simplifies the reporting process and takes it a step further by automatically sending notifications and updates to the relevant personnel. Real-time insights and accountability have never been easier to achieve.
  1. Universal Accessibility and Real-Time Insights: Access critical incident data from anywhere, on any device, and at any time. Our module supports multiple languages, ensuring that language barriers never hinder your incident management efforts. Enjoy real-time information, customized to your specific needs, enabling swift decision-making and action.

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