Move Your Contractor Induction Training Online

Induction Training Simplified

The Ultimate LMS for Contractor Induction
The online contractor induction training module allows you to provide online training for contractors and employees. Ensuring contractor employees arrive onsite fully trained and aware of your site requirements greatly increases efficiencies and performance performance, and removes the administrative requirements such as booking training rooms and generating certificates of completion etc. The system allows you to create knowledge checks and quizzes and customised certs of completion and expiry dates. The system is integrated with the mai™ Contractor Portal so certs will automatically pass over to the relevant employees profile.
Fully Customisable Training Delivery System

Easily create engaging content, quizzes, and certificates of completion – and we can update them as required at any point in the future!

Mobile and Browser

Our tool works on any device -meaning you or your contractors can train no matter where you are!

No Block Licensing – One Flat Annual Fee

We don’t believe that you should have to pay EVERY time someone needs to train using the system – we charge one low cost flat annual fee with unlimited uses.


The SHEQ Online Induction LMS is the ultimate training delivery system - one solution for training all of your contractors. Set it up once and you won't have to worry about untrained contractors coming on-site again.

Simple UI

Modern, clean and visually attractive user interface means our tool is extremely easy to use.

Library of Content

Huge library of technical content to choose from to customise your online training program.

Multiple Content Options

The content, can be video, text or any combination of the two - it's completely customisable to your individual organisation's needs.

Built-in Evaluation Tools

Easily add in a question-based evaluation and determine a 'passing' grade that each trainee must achieve.

Certificate of Completion

Upon completion, users can download the pdf certificate of completion, customised for your organisation - each of which has a unique code that can be checked to ensure the veracity of the results.

Simple Reporting

As a client you can log in and run reports to see the status of contractor inductions at any time - on any device.

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Still not quite sure? Here are some of the immediate benefits (our system has an immediate ROI).

One Low Flat Fee

We don't believe in block licensing for contractor training - it's too unpredictable! Your costs can ramp up massively out of nowhere - with our system you pay once, you're covered for the year - no matter how many contractors you need to train.

Train Anywhere

Even if a contractor arrives onsite without having completed the training - he can complete it on his mobile without holding everyone else up - saving you time and money.

Enjoy your Risk + Stress Free Experience

No danger of an incompetent contractor coming onsite, no stress in chasing contractors or trainers around, and most importantly no time wasted searching through excel sheets!

Don't wait any longer, take control of your contractors today.

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