COVID Made Manual Handling Training Impossible - So We Made It Possible.

Manual Handling Simplified

The Next Evolution in Manual Handling Training
Mobile App + Desktop App

Our mobile app allows the trainee to record themselves performing the movements, and the desktop app allows the trainer to evaluate them – no live consultation needed.

Perform Real-Life Movements.

The mobile app means that trainees can demonstrate the actual movements within their workplace for evaluation. Infinitely more effective.

Record of The Task for Up to 3 Years.

Simple to review after the fact, and proof that your employees have been effectively trained in manual handling, all stored within our app.


Simple, Easy-to-use UI.

We've designed our app to be quick, and easy to use - you sign up, upload your movements, and you're good to go.

Easily Repeat Movements If Needed

If the trainer isn't happy with a movement and decides it needs to be redone, all he has to do is press a button in the admin panel, the trainee will be notified, and they can use the app to re-upload it.

Customisable for Your Brand

We can customise the app with your branding, and your own certificates of completion, so the output is unique to your organisation.

Complete Assessments at Scale

Because each employee can record the movements themselves, and the trainer can review them at any time, it's simple to train large numbers of employees, in a very small amount of time.

What The Trainer Sees

We’ve created a simple desktop admin tool for the trainer to review the applications. In just a few clicks he can decide whether or not to accept an employees submission.

If he rejects a submission, he adds a comment indicating what was wrong, and an email is automatically sent to the employee, who then repeats the corrected movement, and uploads it to the app again for review.

Once the 3 movements have been approved, a certificate of completion is generated and automatically sent out to the trainee. Simple.

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Still not quite sure? Here are some of the immediate benefits (our system has an immediate ROI).

No Live Consultation Needed.

Since COVID hit, it's been a near impossibility to get 12+ people in a room together to do training - our app eliminates the need for that completely.

Speed and Scale

Because the trainee and trainer can complete their requirements in their own time, and in a matter of minutes, assessments can be carried out on a large scale at a rapid pace.

Peace Of Mind – And Proof of Training

We keep a record of training completion for 3 years, and we will remind you when the trainee's are due to be renewed. Outsource your thinking.

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