mai™ Minutes Of Meeting

Our Minutes of Meeting module is a versatile and integrated solution designed to streamline the process of recording meeting minutes across various types of meetings. It provides the flexibility to configure meeting details, attendees, and upload minutes seamlessly. Integrated with our Corrective Action module, it ensures that any arising actions are efficiently tracked. Whether it’s quality, safety, environmental, or other meetings, this module offers a comprehensive solution.

Key Benefits:

  1. Streamlined Meeting Documentation: Effortlessly capture and document meeting details, attendees, and minutes in one centralized system. Say goodbye to manual note-taking and fragmented meeting records. Our module simplifies the process, making it easy to maintain comprehensive meeting documentation.
  2. Integrated Corrective Action Tracking: One of the standout benefits of our Meeting Minutes module is its seamless integration with our Corrective Action module. This means that any actions arising from meetings can be easily tracked, assigned, and monitored within the same system. It ensures accountability and timely resolution of meeting-related tasks.
  3. Customizable and Comprehensive Meeting Management: Tailor the module to your organization’s specific needs. Record different types of meetings, track locations, and manage attendees effortlessly. Employees can be selected from within the module, and it’s just as simple to add third-party visitors. It provides a comprehensive and adaptable meeting management solution that suits various industries and scenarios.

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