Total Stream Systems LLC Partnership with SHEQ Network Ltd

🤝 We are excited to announce the strategic partnership between Total Stream System LLC and SHEQ Network Ltd. This partnership focusses on delivering comprehensive solutions that empower organizations to excel in the oil and gas industry while maintaining the highest standards of environmental, health, and safety compliance.

Why This Partnership Matters:

  1. Enhanced Data Integration: Total Stream System’s Total Asset Manager™ (TAM) is a top-tier web-based oil and gas software platform, offering a wealth of data related to drilling, land, production, economics, and accounting. By joining forces with SHEQ Network, we aim to seamlessly integrate environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance data into TAM. This integration will empower our clients to make informed decisions by having a holistic view of their operations, from asset management to EHS compliance.
  2. Strengthened EHS Compliance: With SHEQ Network’s 25 years of expertise in fostering a culture of EHS compliance, Total Stream System’s clients can expect to benefit from an even greater commitment to safety, sustainability, and regulatory adherence. Together, we’ll provide robust tools and resources to ensure that thousands of employees across various industries stay healthy, safe, and fully compliant.
  3. Streamlined Operations: Our partnership will streamline processes and workflows for our clients. By leveraging the strengths of Total Stream System’s TAM and SHEQ Network’s EHS compliance solutions, organizations can achieve operational efficiency, cost savings, and reduced risk.
  4.  Comprehensive Support: Clients of Total Stream System and SHEQ Network will receive comprehensive support from both organizations. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, ensuring that our clients can maximize the benefits of this partnership.

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One of our standout offerings is the mai™ Contractor Portal, alongside its companion modules designed to streamline critical processes like online induction training and permit to work management (hot work, height, confined space, etc.). Discover the potential of these solutions by watching our short introductory video here.


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