The Simplest, Most Streamlined Online Work Permit Solution.

Paper-Based Work Permits Are Slow, Awkward and Time Consuming – So We Created a Better Online Solution.

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Work Permits Simplified

The Complete Online Work Permit Solution.

Manage Work Permits

Create multiple types of work permits anywhere, at any time on any device - the process has been streamlined to maximise efficiency while maintaining effectiveness.

Real-time Information

Information about all work permit activities – what, when and where of work anywhere - is updated in real-time.

Heads-Up Status Display

Simple Heads Up Display lets you see work permit status at any given point of time – In-progress, complete, overdue, extended, awaiting authorization etc - in seconds.


The SHEQ Work Permit System - one simple solution for all of your work permits. Easily manage and streamline all of your work permits from one simple dashboard - and build new permits in using our simple UI.

Extremely Configurable

Our system can be configured to work with any type of work permit your organisation needs.

Simple Sub-Permits

You can streamline your work permit process by creating a main permit, and including as many sub permits as are necessary within it.

100% Paperless

Can be printed if necessary, but the solution itself functions entirely digitally, making it 10x more efficient.

Update Permits Easily

If you need to update a permit at any point it time, it’s as simple as logging in and making the change.

Comprehensive Coverage

Add as many hazards, risks and controls as are needed, easily, and easily add more if the working environment changes.

Authorisation Within Minutes

If you build a permit at 8am, you can authorise an individual with that permit at 8:05am. Simple and streamlined.

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Still not quite sure? Here are some of the immediate benefits (our system has an immediate ROI).

Simplify Work Permits At All Stages

A simple process is an effective process. Our work permit system takes all the thinking and guesswork out of work permits, and makes the entire process smooth and quick - saving time, money, and effort.

Remote Capabilities

The entire system can be operated from your mobile device - you don't need to be stuck behind your desktop in order to approve and manage work permits - you can do it from your phone, on-site or anywhere else you have access to the internet.

Data-Driven Reporting and Metrics.

At SHEQ, we believe that what gets measured gets managed. We take a data-first approach to reporting, and we've designed our work permit system to be audit-ready from the get go.

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