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The mai™ Contractor Portal provides you with clear, real time visibility of all your contractor company’s details (insurance details, safety manual and risk assessments, licences etc.) and their employees (training records, induction training, back ground checks etc.). Manage every aspect of your contractor workforce and requirements with ease using a range of powerful software features available and described below. These include RAMS review, Vendor Rating, Pre Qual Questionnaire, Reporting and Alerts Management Tools and much more. Our Contractor Portal leverages the expertise of EHA Soft Solutions, our trusted industry partner.

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Optimize contractor management effortlessly with mai™ Portal – real-time visibility, risk assessment, and streamlined control in one click!

    Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Management

    Ensure total compliance and minimize risk with our portal. It streamlines legal compliance, enhances contractor accountability, and simplifies audit processes. Automated alerts for document renewals and expiries keep you ahead, ensuring you’re always in line with safety and regulatory standards.

    The mai™ Contractor Portal has been a game changer for us. The ability to manage RAMS in the same ecosystem in particular has improved communicaitons and relations with all our contractors.

    Contractor Compliance Solutions

    Operational Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

    Maximize efficiency and reduce costs with our all-in-one solution. From speeding up contractor onboarding to centralizing important documents, our portal makes managing contractors effortless. Scalable and data-driven, it’s designed to grow with your business, ensuring cost-effective operations at every stage.

    The whole system is not just some fancy spreadsheet, its an alarm system that is contrantly monitored.

    Contractor Safety Management Program

    Enhanced Communication and Sustainability

    Foster seamless communication and sustainable practices with our platform. It enhances contractor performance analysis and offers customizable access controls for secure, streamlined communication. Plus, our paperless approach aligns with your environmental goals, making sustainability an integral part of your contractor management strategy.

    Using the mai™ Contractor Portal transformed our contractor interactions - communication is greatly enhanced at all levels

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    Optimize contractor management effortlessly with mai™ Portal – real-time visibility, risk assessment, and streamlined control in one click!