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Compliance Assurance: Our Contractor Portal ensures top-tier compliance through five key measures. From collecting contractor data to enforcing a concise 'No Green, No Permit, No Work' policy, we're committed to elevated standards, inviting you to experience a safer partnership

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Contractor Portal

The mai™ Contractor Portal provides you with clear, real time visibility of all your contractor company’s details (insurance details, safety manual and risk assessments, licences etc.) and their employees (training records, induction training, back ground checks etc.). Manage every aspect of your contractor workforce and requirements with ease using a range of powerful software features available.

Contractor Compliance Solutions
Electronic permit to work system 

Online Work Permit Software

The SHEQ Work Permit System – one simple solution for all of your work permits. Easily manage and streamline all of your work permits from one simple dashboard – and build new permits in using our simple UI.

Online Contractor Induction Training

The online contractor induction module streamlines training, ensuring contractors arrive onsite fully trained. This boosts efficiency, eliminates administrative tasks, and integrates seamlessly with the mai™ Contractor Portal for automatic certificate management.

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